Improve Communication With Your Rotary Club's Own App

  • Cut through the noise of email
  • Engage younger and older members alike
  • Communicate instantly
  • Increase meeting attendance

"It's immediate and reliable and the messages are seen, not ignored."

Pat Miner
North Texas Pioneers Rotary Club

"Our app is a vital resource for managing our club."

Marie Howard, President
Rotary Club of the Kerr Tar Region

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Announcements and Discussions

Engage your members daily with a place for conversations, information sharing, social engagement, and more.

Also: Email digests keep everyone in the loop - even if they haven’t yet installed the app.

Calendar of Events with RSVPs

Increase attendance with automatic reminders for all events. Your app's calendar can sync automatically with other calendar systems, too.

Collect dues and donations

Collect dues, donations, event fees, or let members pay for anything at all, conveniently within your app.

Powered by Stripe, at just 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction.

Customize Your Member Directory

Add customizable extra profile fields for members to fill out. Bulk import your existing member list, too.

Push Notifications

Bring members back to your app frequently with notifications about new posts, upcoming events, and other activity.

Subgroups and Direct Messaging

Create a space just for the "Board," or simply send a private message to anyone.


Your app features your club's own branding


Both iOS and Android

Your app runs on both mobile platforms

Calendar Syncing

Automatically import your events from iCal or Google Calendar sources

Custom Links

Add your own custom links to the app (like a Dropbox folder with important files)


Get emailed reports with all your stats

Moderation Controls

Designate moderators who can take action, if needed

Fully Private

Only approved members are allowed into the app


Locked down and secured with industry-leading 256-bit SSL encryption

Unlimited Admin Support

If you need a hand with anything, we’re here for you

Tablets too

Your mobile app is optimized for iPads and Android tablets

Custom needs?

To learn more about database integrations, multiple apps for districts (including cross-app management), or to discuss your specific needs, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our Customers Love Their Apps

"Sometimes email bulletins and social media got lost in the day-to-day flow. “When is that event and how do I pay to register?” “Who is speaking at the next meeting?” “What was that Rotarian’s email?” No matter the question, our app puts all the information that our members need right in their pocket!

Even members that are absent or traveling can keep up to date with the most current information, keeping them engaged. The custom fields also made it easy for us to add the contact information for our Rotaract members, so our group can make use of the business and community contacts that make Rotary so unique!"

Jason Kama, Public Image & Communications Chair
Rotary Club of Metropolitan Honolulu

"Our Rotary club has struggled with keeping members informed and engaged. We recognized that we were going to have to use many different modes of communication to reach the wide demographic of our club.

We recently launched the Dawnbreakers Rotary app. We love the ease of use of the app. It feeds upcoming events from our website and really helps to keep our club engaged. Along with our website, email newsletter and social media feeds, the app rounds out our communications to our members.

I love the push notifications on upcoming events! The team at GroupAhead were amazing; thanks for making this so easy!"

"Our members were asking for an easy to way stay connected and find information using their mobile devices, and the GroupAhead app perfectly fit the bill.

Its club-centric branding helps to build our brand, and the content is easy to find."

Paul Devermann, Executive Director
San Diego Rotary

"Our app provides an avenue of rapid communication. It’s very much like a personal social media channel that only you and your members have access to: an easy, secure interface allowing members to chat, share photos, check club calendars for events, and message individually or via selected club groups.

They share not just club stuff but personal news, etc., which provides greater depth of friendship and communication between our members. It’s immediate and reliable and the messages are seen, not ignored. Helps make them a tighter knit group."

Pat Miner, President
North Texas Pioneers Rotary Club

"The Rotary Club of Coconut Creek was looking for a direct communication tool with our membership to convey photos, meeting dates and general conversation for an active club. Our meeting schedule is very fluid; as a New Generation club we could not rely on standard calendars and social media sites. We also wanted to enhance the general conversations between members on a daily basis rather than texting and emails.

GroupAhead brought us this platform. 'The Creek Bed’ was born and serves as a vital link to our young and active membership base, while not being too techie to operate."

Todd Dayton, Past District Governor, Club Foundation Chair
Rotary Club of Coconut Creek

"The Rotary Club of the Kerr Tar Region is a new club with just two meetings a month, and no set meeting time or location. Therefore communication with club members is critical and the GroupAhead app is perfect for us!

We use all of the app features, but the ones that are most important to me are the calendar and the member list. It is easy to text or call a member right from the app and to check our meeting schedule. As a new club, short on funds, we carefully evaluated the GroupAhead app and determined it was a vital resource for managing our club."

Marie Howard, President
Rotary Club of the Kerr Tar Region

"Our club’s Rotary app has helped with communication problems tremendously. Every Rotarian in the club now has reliable and an easy access to all other members. The posting of pictures and messages is easy and helps in documenting historical info in one place.

The calendar allows each member to be informed of upcoming Rotary events & meetings. The RSVP feature is invaluable. A great app!"

Derek Leistra, President
Crestline-Lake Gregory Rotary

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