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Core Standard Extra Custom
$ 37 /month
billed annually; $44 if monthly
$ 41 /month
billed annually; $49 if monthly
$ 75 /month
billed annually; $89 if monthly
Distributing your app Apple App Store & Google Play Store Apple App Store & Google Play Store Apple App Store & Google Play Store

Custom needs?

(e.g. multi-chapter deployments, additional members, database integrations, etc) Contact us to discuss a unique solution for your organization
Number of installed users 1 to 50 1 to 250 1 to 1000
Devices iPhone, iPad, Android iPhone, iPad, Android iPhone, iPad, Android
Customer support Priority Priority Premium phone & email
Push notifications
Web-based admin
Custom branding

Custom Needs?

(e.g. multiple apps, more members, private distribution, etc)
Contact us to discuss a unique solution for your organization

Frequently asked questions

Does the trial app go into the App Store or Play Store?

No - you can distribute the trial app to your members with a unique link we'll send you. Once you decide to upgrade to a full plan, we'll submit the app to the Apple App Store & Google Play Store on your behalf. (Of course, even when your app is in the store, only approved members are actually allowed into the app.)

(Note: There is no additional fee or license required to submit your app to the App Store or Play Store - that's all included in the standard monthly cost.)

Is there a minimum term, or do I have to sign a contract?

There's no contract required - you can cancel at any point if you aren't satisfied with your app.

Do members need to pay to download the app?

No. The app is always free for members, no matter which plan you're in.

Are there ads in the free trial or full version?


How much does it cost to collect payments or donations from members within the app?

To collect payments in your app from any major credit or debit card, you'll need to set up a (free) account with Stripe, which charges 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction for registered 501(c) organizations, and 2.9% + $0.30 for everyone else.

How protected is our information?

Keeping your data private and secure couldn't be more important to us - it's one of our founding principles. As stated in our (legally-binding) Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you own your data. Information is never sold, and is never shared with third parties (except in a few extremely limited circumstances, such as when we use a service to manage support requests - see the Privacy Policy for more details).

And, of course, only people you explicitly approve are allowed into your app. People can be removed at any time. Finally, all communications are encrypted using 256 bit SSL encryption.

Our business is 100% based on selling well-made apps to happy customers - not selling advertisements or data to marketers.

Can I export all the data from my app?

Absolutely. We don't own your data - you do (it's even written into the Terms of Service). Send us a note at, and we'll send you a partial or full export of your data, anytime, as often as you'd like.

What information do you need to create my app? What happens next?

You'll need to provide a high resolution version of your logo, and an image or two (such as a group photo) for your app's "loading" screen. We'll use those to put together your trial app.

Once you're ready to upgrade, we'll work with you on the information needed to list your app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store (title, description, and a few other things).

If you'd like, we can also import your full member list into the app, help you set up your calendar, and spend some time over the phone to give you a guided walkthrough of the full experience, plus answer any questions you might have.

Finally, we'll be backing you 24/7. If you ever have any questions, or need any help, just let us know. We're committed to supporting you - so you can spend more time with your group, and less time managing it.