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Improve Communication With Your Group’s Own Mobile App

  • Cut through the noise of email
  • Engage younger and older members alike
  • Communicate instantly
  • Increase event attendance
Make your own app for free, and try it for 30 days.
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"It's immediate and reliable and the messages are seen, not ignored."

Pat Miner, President
North Texas Pioneers Rotary Club

"Our members love using our app to stay in touch with each other and their industry."

Christie Carpenter, Executive Director
Georgia Funeral Directors Association

Announcements & Discussions

A place for you and your members to post, share photos, and join conversations any time of day.

Email digests keep everyone in the loop - even if they haven't yet installed the app.

Calendar of Events

Members get automatic push reminders to RSVP and attend. The result: More people show up.

Subgroups and Direct Messaging

Create a space just for the "Leadership team", or simply send a private message to anyone.

Collect Payments

Allow your members to pay membership dues, make donations, cover event fees - or pay for anything at all.

Customize Your Member Directory

Add extra profile fields for members to fill out. Bulk import your existing member list, too.

Your Own App (no tech skills required)

Your icon, your loading screen, your brand. You create it with the app maker, and we'll submit it to the App Store & Play Store when you're ready.

Push Notifications

Members are instantly notified about new posts, upcoming events, and other activity.

Web-based Administration

A simple and easy to use website for managing members, events, viewing stats and more.


Tablets too

Your mobile app is optimized for iPads and Android tablets

Calendar Syncing

Automatically import your events from iCal or Google Calendar sources

Custom Links

Add your own custom links to the app (like a form to pay fees)


Get emailed reports with all your stats

Moderation Controls

Designate moderators who can take action, if needed

Fully Private

Only approved members are allowed into the app


Locked down and secured with industry-leading 256-bit SSL encryption

Unlimited Admin Support

If you need a hand with anything, we’re here for you

Both iOS and Android

Your app runs on both mobile platforms

GroupAhead Works with Organizations of all Types

  • Professional Associations
  • Churches, Synagogues & Faith-based Organizations
  • Interest Clubs
  • Sports Clubs & Teams
  • Fraternal Organizations
  • Non-profits
  • Schools & Universities
  • Conferences & Events
  • Societies
  • and other member-based organizations

Our Customers Love Their Apps

Our GroupAhead-provided app now allows us to post very simple and short notices and links to resource materials with very little effort. It's cut down on a lot of phone calls for general information. When and where is next year's convention? Check the app. When is the workshop on cross examination? Check the app. Another really cool feature is that all of the members can instant message each other. Members can post their photos and other identifying information and network instantly with other members all within the app.

In short, our app drives membership, membership renewal, attendance at seminars, enhances the organization's image, and makes it clear that we are serious about being involved in cutting-edge technology. Michael Cantrall, Executive Director California Public Defenders Association
We needed an app that could function like a social media site, but also offer more privacy for our members. We had used a couple social media sites in the past, but our members were frustrated by the inability to separate professional socializing and their personal socializing online.

GroupAhead not only met GFDA's need for privacy, but also exceeded our expectations by offering event reminders, in-app payments, and a messaging feature. Our members love using our app to stay in touch with each other and their industry. Christie Carpenter, Executive Director Georgia Funeral Directors Association
Our Boy Scout Troop had been using email as our primary communication tool, but the 11 to 18-year-old scouts hardly used email. The scouts are so impressed and the parents are pleased that we now have a completely secure place to keep our calendar, RSVPs, messaging, updates, pictures, and roster all in one place. The scouts have also been creatively promoting the use of the app by having weekly "meme" contests and "caption the photo" contests. Our customized Troop app has really set us apart as an organization, and has been a huge home run with the adult leaders. Paul M., Scoutmaster Boy Scouts of America Troop 85 (Tulsa, OK)
The communication for our church has improved dramatically since using our app. We're able to get out information about events, schedule changes, prayer requests, and more in a very efficient manner. From an administration standpoint, this has saved so much time and energy. No more group texts or emails to sort through. One location that has all of the information everyone in our church needs! RJ Montis, Pastor Grace Pointe Church of the Nazarene
If we want to grow and retain membership, we have to get with the times. The app has helped our lodge phenomenally. The brothers love being able to either direct or group message each other, and it's very easy to use. The greatest feature is when the app sends out notifications about dates and times for upcoming events. Many said in the past that they would have attended events but simply forgot. The first month we used the app, attendance at our pre-meeting dinners doubled!

Some of our long-time members resisted spending money on the app. But the great thing is, GroupAhead lets you test drive the app for a month. After that month, the lodge enthusiastically approved the minimal monthly charge with zero resistance from a single past master. We are so very grateful for this most valuable, affordable and easy communication tool! Darcy Wennes, WM Mankato Lodge #12
GroupAhead is a fantastic way to encourage healthy community at Grace Church of Marin. It was simple to set up and it’s fun to use. The initial response has been overwhelmingly positive and the controls make me feel like I have the tools to ensure that it is safe and fun. I love the app’s simplicity and that it is customized for our congregation. It is a delight working with the team at GroupAhead. Rod Miles, Pastor Grace Church of Marin
Our organization struggled with communication due to multiple social media platforms getting in our way. With this personalized app, our chapter communication has been unified under one roof and has made every member's lives easier to navigate within the fraternity. 10/10, would recommend to any chapter. Joshua Woolard, Director of Recruitment Delta Tau Delta - Grand Valley State University
We had a communications nightmare. Four communications platforms that didn’t talk to each other, plus a cumbersome website. GroupAhead brought me an app that centralizes the important information in an easily accessible way. It is my favorite and most useful way to communicate with my members. Dominic Paris, President SF FrontRunners
Our club’s Rotary app has helped with communication problems tremendously. Every Rotarian in the club now has reliable and an easy access to all other members. The posting of pictures and messages is easy and helps in documenting historical info in one place.

The calendar allows each member to be informed of upcoming Rotary events & meetings. The RSVP feature is invaluable. A great app! Derek Leistra, President Crestline-Lake Gregory Rotary
Sometimes email bulletins and social media got lost in the day-to-day flow. “When is that event and how do I pay to register?” “Who is speaking at the next meeting?” “What was that Rotarian’s email?” No matter the question, our app puts all the information that our members need right in their pocket!

Even members that are absent or traveling can keep up to date with the most current information, keeping them engaged. The custom fields also made it easy for us to add the contact information for our Rotaract members, so our group can make use of the business and community contacts that make Rotary so unique! Jason Kama, Public Image & Communications Chair Rotary Club of Metropolitan Honolulu

Our Mission

We believe in the power of community: when you get like-minded people together with a common purpose, amazing things can happen. And organizations thrive when members feel connected and get involved.

So why do we use group tools that don't actually engage our members? Newsletter blasts aren't interactive. Dedicated websites are rarely visited. And messages on big social networks just get lost in the noise.

In today's new mobile world, where everyone has a smartphone or tablet, we have a big opportunity to connect our members together - and get people participating - in ways never before possible.

Ready to see it in action?