About Us

We started GroupAhead to improve the lives of real-life groups by connecting members with modern tools.


Brian Glick

Co-founder & CEO

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Brian leads product, sales, and operations at GroupAhead.

He previously worked at Google and YouTube for 6 years, most recently launching the Google+ Communities platform. At YouTube, Brian helped grow its community-oriented features.

Brian believes that the fast-paced world of technology can be used to strenghten - instead of hinder - how connected we are with our local communities.

In his spare time, Brian loves biking, travelling, and buying exotic kitchen gadgets.

Julian Frumar

Co-founder & CTO

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Julian leads design and engineering at GroupAhead.

He previously worked at Google and YouTube for over 4 years on the User Experience team, including leading the new player and watch page designs, and improving how people communicate with each other on the site.

Julian believes that when software is easier to use, it's also more fun to use. We use that as a guiding principle at GroupAhead.

In his (limited) spare time, he likes to jam with electronic music and walk his Border Terrier through the GreenBelt.

Emily Shaw

Operations Lead

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Emily manages operations and customer success at GroupAhead.

She believes in technology that facilitates authentic and meaningful connections among real-life human beings. She loves talking with customers and learning about their communities, what’s working for them and what isn't, and what they’d find useful.

In her spare time, Emily hosts a podcast in an inflatable boat.

Jared Strate

Systems & Backend Lead

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Jared leads systems and backend engineering at GroupAhead.

He has worked at multiple startups, and has led engineering in an acquisition. He has also worked at Adobe on large-scale imaging services.

Jared believes that building stable and redundant software systems, and improving automation improves the overall quality of community-driven applications.

In his spare time, Jared enjoys cycling and running all over the Bay Area.

Kalyan Vishnubhatla

Mobile Development Lead

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Kalyan leads mobile development at GroupAhead, working across both iOS and Android platforms.

He has been programming since he was 8 years old and has worked in a variety of industries and companies - both large and medium, as well as in small startups. He has been building mobile applications for over 5 years.

Kalyan believes that when a mobile app helps to increase user productivity, the app inevitably becomes more valuable and useful for its users.

In his spare time, Kalyan enjoys traveling and going to the gym.

A few of our investors

Steve Chen

Co-Founder, YouTube

Chad Hurley

Co-Founder, YouTube

Michael Birch

Co-Founder, Bebo

Arjun Sethi

Co-Founder, MessageMe

San Francisco

GroupAhead is based in SoMa in sunny San Francisco.

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